Manoj Tiwari is a phenomenal Bihari actor, singer as well as director. He is a multi-talented personality who is regarded as soul of the Bhojpuri Film Industry. He has put in lots of efforts in reviving the Bhojpuri film industry. He has acted in more than 30 Bhojpuri films. He began his career as a playback singer that soon got established as a leading singer. Later on, he focused his attention on acting in Bhojpuri films, and became famous across the country as successful Bhojpuri actor. His movies are based for the family audience. Some of his blockbusters Bhojpuri movies are Bhole Shankar, Gangotri and Ganga.

Manoj Tiwari Famous Songs of Manoj Tiwari are as follows

(1) Song : Tu Hamar Jaan Hau

Description : This Bhojpuri song is very entertaining and Manoj Tiwari sang it beautifully and thus creating ripples in Bhojpuri Music industry.

(2) Song : Bagal Wali Jaan Mareli

Description : This Bhojpuri song of Manoj Tiwari is very melodious and Bhojpuri lyrics of the song are superb. Bhojpuri Music lover simply cannot resist playing it repeatedly.

(3) Song : Hum Bihari

Description : This Bhojpuri song is sung wonderfully by Manoj Tiwari . This song displays unique style of Bhojpuri Music which makes it charming and pleasing.

(4) Song : Shaher ke titli

Description : Manoj Tiwari sang this Bhojpuri song spiritedly keeping in mind the theme of Bhojpuri culture.

(5) Song : Dimple Disco Ja Ke

Description : Manoj Tiwari melodious voice weaves its magic on the Bhojpuri fans. This song is really a outstanding Bhojpuri song which retains its charm in modern times.

(6) Song : Uppar wali ke chakka

Description : This Bhojpuri song was sung with great enthusiasm by Manoj Tiwari and its energy is contagious.

(7) Song : back marele kabo

Description : This Bhojpuri song is definitely among the greatest hits of Manoj Tiwari . It reflects the vibrant and bright appeal of Bhojpuri Music.

(8) Song : Babuni Ke Baahar Ke Laagal

Description : This Bhojpuri song captures the mindset of the audience and Manoj Tiwari had delivered the world class performance.